Jack Fitzpatrick

Cyber Security Executive, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Information Security Mastermind


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jack Fitzpatrick is a top-ranking CyberSecurity professional and digital transformation expert. Jack served as an Information Technology Solution Sales Professional for more than 22 years before shifting his focus to be more consumer-oriented. He is an award-winning professional who specializes in Cyber-Security, Telecommunications, Network Infrastructure, Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, and Account Management to name a few. Throughout his professional career, Jack has repeatedly shown his worth by going above and beyond in his every endeavor and consistently delivers better business outcomes with his innovative approach to technology.

Jack Fitzpatrick is a graduate of the Catholic University of America where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Relations. Upon graduating, Jack ran a restaurant on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. Following that, Fitzpatrick entered into spirit sales, serving restaurants, bars, night-clubs, and country clubs in Washington D.C. Shortly after, Fitzpatrick transitioned into technology, becoming a sales representative for the first cellular phone concept store (Cellular Phone Stores) in North America. During this time, Jack Fitzpatrick won the Salesman of the Year Award and “cut his teeth” in sales as a copier salesman and Dealer Zone Manager for Savin Corporation. From there, Fitzpatrick accepted a position with Verizon as an Account Development Manager where he managed the services enterprise and cloud solutions and won awards for his high level of achievement directing the Raleigh/Durham area MCI US Business Markets. By familiarizing himself from emerging technologies early on in his career, Jack Fitzpatrick effectively prepared himself for his future in the cybersecurity industry.

Over the next two decades, Jack Fitzpatrick worked for prestigious companies, such as Cisco and AT&T, in account management positions where he was entrusted with increasingly significant roles and responsibilities. Several of his most notable accomplishments include directing six and seven-figure sales initiatives with Fortune 500 and 1000 accounts, managed eight-figure software licensing and sales initiatives and helped manage accounts in areas such as database management & security, vulnerability management, SaaS, hardware & software technology solutions, and inter-networking. His multi-award winning career culminated in a promotion to the executive level position of President at Claddagh CyberSec Consulting where he leads cyber-security contributions and delivers high-performing business outcomes to clients.

Few Information Technology Solutions Sales professionals can boast of receiving the number of prestigious awards like Jack Fitzpatrick. In nearly every position he has held as an account manager, he received impressive accolades for his sales and management achievements. In total, Jack Fitzpatrick has earned over 45 awards. His most notable recognitions include the Sales Leadership Ranking for the fiscal years of 2000, 2001, 2011, 2016, and 2017, Top 0.05% Sales Performance, Account Team of the Quarter Award, Million Dollar Month Award, Account Manager of the Year Award, and Account Team of the Year Award. These awards are a mere handful of those which Jack Fitzpatrick has claimed.

Beyond his professional duties, Jack Fitzpatrick created the Information Security Mastermind group on LinkedIn to bring industry professionals together. With close to 1000 members, Information Security Mastermind serves to highlight contemporary issues and hot topics in the cybersecurity industry and create a space for technology professionals to connect and communicate. Jack is also a member of the Ireland Chamber of Commerce USA, Technology Association of Georgia, and the Rotary Club of Tysons Corner.

Jack Fitzpatrick is deeply interested in current topics in his industry and has already written about a number of them on his website and LinkedIn. From cloud computing-based business models and human firewalls to artificial intelligence and automation in the healthcare industry, Jack finds this era of transformation both fascinating and promising. 

Cloud computing is of particular interest to Jack Fitzpatrick given its present prominence in the tech industry. Undisputedly, it is a valuable tool for data storage, assessment, and protection, but what strikes Jack the most is the shift toward a business model that is designed and orchestrated around cloud computing. All aspects of digital transformation, especially changes being made in the cybersecurity industry, are worth exploring.

As cyber attacks and hackers with malicious intentions have risen in frequency and prominence over the past several years, Jack Fitzpatrick knows his work in the cybersecurity industry is important. Cyber attacks and a lack of sufficient cybersecurity measures can result in a number of detrimental consequences such as a loss of financing, a lapse in consumer trust, and more. Procuring and maintaining effective measures of cybersecurity, ensuring employees are proficient in securing personal and private information, and routinely conducting assessments of a company’s security protocols are all essential aspects of a strong cybersecurity initiative. Most importantly, businesses and individuals must recognize that simply enacting cybersecurity measures is not sufficient; in order to maximize security and protect information over time, it is important to regularly update and analyze such measures to ensure effectiveness. Jack Fitzpatrick strives to educate others on the importance of information security on a personal and corporate level.

Jack Fitzpatrick is active on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as a number of other social media profiles. Visit his profiles to learn more, and check back often for content relating to cybersecurity, digital transformation, and technological advancements.

Past Positions


Claddagh CyberSec Consulting

Lead enterprise Cyber Security leadership contributions, creating “Information SecurityMastermind”, for networking, fostering, & advising 600 and growing enterprisestakeholders how to deliver better business outcomes through the use of innovative digitaltransformation security technologies; offering and soliciting community commentary, bestpractices and lessons learned on the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

Enterprise Account Executive


Successful tenure directing GA and FL based F1000 6 & 7 – figure sales initiatives based on Trustwave’s 44 MMSP solutions within the Compliance Management, Vulnerability Management, Threat Management, and Managed Detection and Response security domains.

Technology Sales Representative


Highly successful top-ranked tenure with a Global enterprise Cloud and software technology solutions leader. Directed 7 & 8-figure software licensing and cloud sales initiatives within twelve GA based F500 named accounts based on Oracle’s Exadata and Database server technology, database management, identity management, database security, Big Data technology, IoT, IaaS, PaaS, Cloud and software solution sets.


  • FY17 – #2 Sales Leadership ranking – US Enterprise Southeast Region Sales Team
  • FY16 – #1 Sales Leadership ranking – GA Named Region Sales Team
  • FY16 – #3 Sales Leadership ranking – Southeast Area Sales Team
  • FY11 – #1 Sales Leadership ranking – South Area Sales Team
  • FY1 – #2 North American Enterprise Sales Leadership ranking – Top 0.05% Sales Performance – North American Enterprise Sales
  • Account-Team-of-the-Quarter Award – US Enterprise Sales – GA Commercial Sales Team
  • Million-Dollar-Month Award – US Enterprise Sales – GA Commercial Region
  • Account-Manager-of-the-Year Award – US Enterprise Sales – GA Named Accounts
  • Account-Team-of-the-Year Award – US Enterprise Sales – GA Named Accounts
  • FY00 – #1 Sales Leadership Ranking – US Enterprise Sales – GA Named Accounts Sales Team

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