Originally posted on November 1, 2018 on LinkedIn.

As the amount of online data is growing, so is the need for protecting and maintaining that specific data. The fact is that year by year, the number of cyber-attacks is steadily increasing. In 2017 alone, there have been more cyber-attacks than ever, which is a pretty frightening fact. Hackers are finding out new ways and methods of attacking, and this is causing a lot of concern for many enterprises, particularly medium and large enterprises since they have a lot more data than smaller ones.

A successful cyber-attack to a medium or large enterprise can cause massive damage and big disruptions. It can affect the way that your business is operating, as well as ruin your customers’ trust. Cyber-attacks can cause massive financial loss arising from:

  •   Theft of corporate information
  •   Theft of personal and banking information (ex: payment cards numbers)
  •   Theft of money
  •   Loss of potential business

Medium and large enterprises that have suffered security breaches have also had disruptions in their IT systems, networks, and devices.

In addition to financial losses, cyber-attacks also cause massive reputational damage, since trust is an essential element in the enterprise’s relationship with its customers. Security breaches can damage your enterprise’s reputation, thus leading to:

  •  Loss of customers
  •   Loss of sales
  •   Reductions in profits

As we can clearly see, having weak cybersecurity can clearly be a massive detriment to your enterprise’s growth. Looking at the other side, studies show that having a high level of cyber-security brings a lot of benefits for your business. Here are some reasons why medium and large enterprises should consider cybersecurity:

•  It protects your business

This is a very obvious benefit. IT security solutions provide high-quality comprehensive digital protection to your business. It allows your employees to surf the internet as needed, and it makes sure that they aren’t at risk from potential threats. Without good security systems for your enterprise, you and your employees are constantly at a risk for a potential cyber-attack.

•  It protects personal information

This is one of the most valuable benefits in the age of digital information. Today, many attackers use viruses as a way to obtain personal information regarding your employees and customers, and later, sell that information to others, or even use it themselves.

•  It increases productivity

Cyber breaches can cause massive slowdowns in computers, making work practically impossible to do. This can lead to a lot of wasted time, and even lower your enterprise’s growth to a standstill.

•  It protects you from spyware and adware

Spyware is a form of cyber infection which spies your computer’s actions and later sends that information to attackers. Having a top-notch cybersecurity provider makes sure that your personal computers have no spyware and it ensures your employees’ and customers’ confidentiality.

On the other hand, adware is a form of virus which fills your computer with advertisements. These advertisements can have a highly negative impact on your computer’s productivity and often allow other viruses to enter your system.

•  It increases your customers’ trust

Once you have a certified cybersecurity provider, your enterprise will truly flourish. Customers will be 100% confident in your security measures, and they will be more than happy to provide personal information (including billing information) while being sure that this information will not be stolen and/or used by an attacker. Every online business should be safe for customers to use, and its security measures will protect them from any potential cyber-attacks.

•  It stops your website from going down

If you have an online business, you will quickly understand the importance of having a high-functioning website. However, just one successful cyber breach could be disastrous for your website, making your system infected. This could later mean that you will be forced to close and shut down your website, and thus, lose money and customers in the process.

The fact is that cybersecurity has big positive effects on your businesses, and not only from a financial standpoint. If you are interested in taking your business online, you should always make sure to introduce a best-in-class cybersecurity provider – you will be very glad you did. The best cybersecurity provider will be proud to offer you a wide range of features and IT security solutions, making sure that you enjoy optimal levels of protection of your enterprise.

Jack Fitzpatrick is an Information Security and Compliance Thought Leader with over 30 years experience. Along with speaking and writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children in Atlanta, Georgia. You can connect with Jack HERE